Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Universe, It Is Changing


If you subscribe to Publishers might have gotten this is your inbox.


It's happening. It's all really happening. ARCs are currently flying through the air towards me, some readers already have ARCs. Evidence of this: is here and here. The cover is made and out. Preorders are open. I have a webpage just for the book, and my first chapter is online.

In short: this is, apparently, all real.


I...I mean...I can't even express how surreal it is to want something for so long and to work so much--to always have in the back of your mind this intense desire and longing to achieve this dream...

...and then it happens.

And now that it's all finally starting to sink in that it's real...the disbelief has been replaced with gratitude.

For reading this blog for years, for telling me I shouldn't give up, for giving me confidence when you commented on my posts or followed this blog.

For joining the conversation on Twitter, for sending me @replies filled with happiness and joy, for passing the word about my book, for being as excited as me.

For understanding my need for a Facebook page instead of a profile, for "liking" me and liking me, for jumping into it and commenting and spreading the word.

For following me along on other adventures, like the League of Extraordinary Writers, crit sessions, fantasy fantasy baseball leagues, Music Mondays, and nerdy art interpretations.

For being with me on this crazy ride!!!

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