Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Meet My Muse



Love 'em.

Go ahead and be creeped out. :)

I have noticed lately that people tend to hate spiders. And I can sympathize--while I allow spiders in my house, they have to stick to the ceiling and out of my stuff, and woe betide them if they start crawling on me. But while I like to keep a bit of distance between myself and spiders, I have to admit that I love the little things.

There are lots of little things that led me to like spiders. I've always been a fan of the famous Robert the Bruce story, where he saw a spider weaving a web during a storm. The spider's web was dismantled several times, but it didn't give up--so Robert didn't give up in his own war with the English.

But there are other reasons why I love spiders. They've come to mean a sort of serendipitous sign to me, a "have faith" sign. While I'm not really superstitious, I do (to steal from Rowling) follow the spiders. I've made big decisions based on spiders: renting one house over another because one had a spider; taking a chance when I was afraid because I noticed a web; things like that.

But people who know me are always very surprised when I don't let them stomp a spider, and would be even more surprised to learn that I made important decisions because I saw one.

And I was thinking about how, if I were in a story, this tiny detail of my life would probably never make it onto the pages. It's minor--I just happen to like spiders the way pre-teens like dolphins or unicorns. Still, it's a part of me. It's part of what separates me from everyone else, especially all you arachnaphobes.

And it's the little things like that that always remind me that it's important to include the little details of a character's quirks into the story.

Maybe I should make my own MC like spiders...
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