Friday, January 22, 2010

Today, in Class... That Explains the Snow

My classroom is your typical classroom--except there's a door in one wall. This is because the small room on the other side of the door used to be a storage room, but (because of overcrowding, etc.) it's now an office for the guidance counselor. We just keep that door shut and locked and pretend it's part of the wall.

Yesterday was the first day of school with a new semester, which means: new kids.

New Kid: Mrs. Revis! Mrs. Revis!

Me: Yes?

New Kid: Where does that door go to?

Me: *deadpan* Narnia.

New Kid: *whispers* What?

Me: Narnia. For reals. It's snowing over there. Narnia, White Witch, all that.

Other New Kid, Who Sits Near the Door: Hey, it *is* colder over here!

New Kid and Entire Rest of the Class: *stares at the door in awe*

...and they're sixteen years old.
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