Monday, January 18, 2010

Music Monday: Almost There

I love Disney. There. I said it. I love Disney. I watched The Lion King 13 times in a row when it came out on DVD when I was in junior high. I can quote random scenes from Aladdin on command.

So, of course I planned on seeing the latest return to classic animation, Disney's The Princess and the Frog. ESPECIALLY after WriterGirl posted about her awesome adventure!

And. I. LOVED. It.

Seriously, guys, this is the best Disney flick I've seen in years. Go watch it, if it's still playing in a theater near you. Plan on purchasing the DVD.

But let me rein in my Disney fangirl. Because there's something I want to show you that is actually relevant to writing and this blog.

In The Princess and the Frog, Tiana is a working class girl with a dream--a dream to own a restaurant that she's so single-mindedly determined to see come true that she dedicates her life to success. Sound familiar to anyone? Heckyeah. How many of us are holding as fast to our writing dreams? While the lesson Tiana learns in the movie--to work hard towards your dreams but not give up your joy in life may be a lesson we could all learn from--there's a certain joy in seeing someone reaching for a dream, too.

So, here you have it--my favorite song from The Princess and the Frog, "Almost There." As a Disney film recently released, there's not many good quality links out there. I'd go here to see a better truncated version, but the full song is below.

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