Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Speaking of Doing it Right

I recently saw this book trailer:

Now, I'm actually...not a fan of book trailers. I'm sorry, but a lot of them are cheesy, using stock photos, using stock music, and using the same pitch used everywhere else. Very few have, in my opinion, really stood apart from the crowd to the point that they actually sold me on the book. But this one stood out from the crowd to me--and I'm going to make sure I get this book.

The best book trailer I've ever seen, is the one for Cindy Pon's Silver Phoenix:

The problem with book trailers is that they're relatively easy to make. Which is also an advantage. With enough determination and a few computer knowledge and programs--such as explained in this article--anyone can make their own book trailer.

But after posting Maria Snyder's widget yesterday, I saw that many of your comments were geared to the "how do I make this?" style. And my first thought was: yeah! How do you make that?! And so I started looking it up.

Same way as I started looking up how to make a book trailer a few months ago.

And, just like then, I realized something important.

I can't do this.

I mean, I know how. Sort of. Enough that I could slap together something.

But something doesn't cut it. It takes a lot for me to bother downloading a book trailer or click on a widget. Because--let's be honest--there are tons of them out there. I'm not clicking on something just because it's there. For me to click on a trailer or a widget takes something special, like Maria's widget or the trailers above.


Does this mean I'm saying don't bother?


My (failed) attempts at making a book trailer made me think of my work visually, and made me consider the pace of my pitch. In researching how to make widgets, I started thinking of what kind of thing I'd want in a widget about my book.

Consider it a rough draft.

I now have a decent idea of what should go into a book trailer or widget, and a new appreciation for the people who can make them and make them well.
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