Monday, February 23, 2009

There's a Story in This...

...and I'd love to see it written. Google Earth and a team of scientists have apparently found the lost city of Atlantis! That's it in extreme close-up to the right. See how there's a perfect rectangle and grid underwater? That sort of stuff doesn't happen in nature usually. Go to the link and click through the pictures on top--you can see the coast of Africa and progressive close-ups of what scientists think might be a sunken city, just where Plato said Atlantis was.

As someone fascinated by Atlantis and ancient stories, I love it when science matches history. A lot of news articles I've read indicate that government exploration of this phenomenon is out--it'll take a private investor, such as James Cameron with the Titanic, to explore this city.

So, all you blog readers out there who are secret millionaires, get to it! I want an underwater camera and a submarine, stat!
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