Friday, February 27, 2009


I'm not sure if this is true of any other profession, but teaching kills names for me. What I mean by this is, let's suppose I have a student named X. X happens to be one of my favorite names ever. I have, in the past, considered naming a future child or even a character X. But the student I have named X is...well...a jerk. Now that name is ruined for me forever. Whenever I hear the name X, I no longer think of bouncing babies or cool characters--I think of that jerk.

Now, here's the problem for today.

I'm well into An Abundance of Katherines. And the writing's brilliant. And the characters are brilliant.

But the main character, Colin, is exactly like someone I know: a great big whiner who spends most of his life complaining about his lack of a girlfriend. Colin isn't exactly like that--there's more to the character here than the trait that I compare to this real life person--but there's enough of the real life person I know in Colin that the two are starting to merge in my mind like an annoying blob of whine. Which is starting to ruin the book for me.

Does that ever happen to y'all?
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