Thursday, February 26, 2009

I am SO going to this...are you?

Look, I think I might have stated before that I live in the country, by which I mean that when a tree fell across the road near my house, we all went outside to watch the fire department cut up the tree, and I served lemonade and iced tea. We're that kind of country.

So it's pretty rare that any kind of event happens any kind of where near me. Which makes this even more awesome (cause it's only what? an hour and a half away? maybe two?)

WHAT: A launch party and signing to celebrate the release of The Forest of Hands and Teeth! There will be giveaways, refreshments and a short reading.

WHERE: The Open Book, Greenville SC (click here for map)

WHEN: March 21, 2009 starting at noon but feel free to drop by any time between 12:00pm-2:00pm!

I am SO there. Anyone else?
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