Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Has anyone heard anything about Authonomy? I mean, I know it's legit--it's backed by HarperCollins and all--but has anyone been published through it? ...er, nevermind. Quick Google search reveals: three authors have already been published through Authonomy.

I was clicking around this afternoon and came across it. I participated in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award thing last year, but felt the process was a bit trite. Then I noticed that the second ranked book on the Authonomy page is by an author I met through ABNA forums. And some of those books seem to have garnered a veritably gold mine of comments and helpful suggestions...

...so has anyone had any experience with it at all?

(PS: THANK YOU ALL for the well wishes and digital chicken soup! I am feeling much, much, much better, but still much, much, much swampped trying to catch up after my bout with the flu, so it may still take me a few days to reach full steam again. But your good wishes really made me smile! Thanks!!!)
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