Saturday, February 28, 2009

Keeping up with the Joneses

I find myself with double the readership in a month...and therefore, I want to return the love and visit all y'all's blogs. To do that, I added all my follower's writing blogs onto my "writers" link list (if you don't see yours there, please let me know--that means I missed you by mistake!).

Here's the master plan: I have my blog roll set to always show the most recently posted blogs, and I've got the blog roll set to only show the top ten blogs at a time. So whenever I check my own blog (which is a lot, y'all, I can't help but obsessively check my comments!), I just scroll down and check the recently posted-to blogs. It's worked so far...

How do you all keep up with other's blogs?

(PS: Would you like me to link you? Just post the link in the comments below!)
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