Friday, July 18, 2008

Setting Goals and Deadlines in Editing

This is something I've never done before: work on a deadline. Generally, in writing, I just write when I want to. Now, I've got something of a schedule just by nature--I tend to write for so long each week, not by personal mandate, just by habit and desire. But with this novel, I did have a deadline to finish writing (before I went to Europe).

Now I think I need a deadline for editing. I hate editing, so maybe I'll finish if I set a deadline. So: all revisions and editing done (at least for the first round) by August 15th. That's just before school starts up again, so if I can finish by then, I've got a shot at maybe starting to submit during school.

And for this week: Cut 13 pages to bring the action to a head by page 50.

Nothing like some goals! Now, I'd better go get to work before my Spartan conscience stabs me!
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