Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Day of Many Great Launches!

There are a ton of good books coming out today, but there are three special ones I'd like to take the opportunity to highlight.

 Star Cursed
By Jessica Spotswood
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I adore Jess--she's one of my favorite people. AND she writes wonderful books. This is the second in the Cahill Witch Chronicles, an alt-history trilogy where 1800s New England is a world of witches and brotherhoods. The best part about these books isn't the magic, though, it's the complex world that touches on themes of identity, love, morality, sexism, and more.

Bonus! Tomorrow, there's a guest post by Jess as part of her brilliant blog tour, so don't miss it!
By PJ Hoover

Tricia Hoover is a fantastic person, and I'm so happy for her release of Solstice.  I was lucky enough to read this early on as a manuscript, and loved it then. I can't wait to see what it's become since then. 

Solstice is a world of myth and dystopian--two traits you don't see often, but it totally works. And dude. The romance. HOT. 

Bonus! Tricia is giving away forty-two books in celebration of the book's launch! Check it out here.

Defy the Dark
Edited by Saundra Mitchell
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I was so honored to be invited to contribute to this anthology! Saundra is an awesome person, and the idea behind this antho--all the stories take place at night--is equally awesome.

My story is called "Night Swimming" and is about Kayleigh, told from the point of view of a narrator. Who's the narrator? Well, it's someone who loves Kayleigh. But it's not Harley. Figuring out the rest is up to you...

This antho also features a story by a debut author--Saundra ran a contest for unpublished authors, and one lucky winner is included!

Bonus! Next week, I'll be featuring Defy the Dark in a special contest!

As you can see, there are a lot of awesome books coming out today! Get thee to a bookstore or library and check them out!

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