Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bookanista Feature: Lisa and Laura Roecker's THE LIAR SOCIETY

As if you couldn't guess already....this week, my Bookanista post is going to be all about Lisa and Laura Roecker's THE LIAR SOCIETY!

I was lucky enough to read an early draft of this novel and it is just as fun as the cover suggests. So, in case you've not heard of this novel (and how could you not have, given the pink flooding Twitter?) here's a quick summary: Kate is grieving the death of her bff when she suddenly gets an email...from said dead bff. That email launches her onto a search to find out what REALLY happened. Kate's not going to let anything stand in her way--bedecked in her inherited pearls from her bff, she is willing to tear apart the very foundation of her elite prep school to uncover the truth. Problem is, someone doesn't want that truth uncovered. Throw in a nerdy boy, a hot guy, and enough sass to merit the pink hair, and you've got a great story!

Things I loved about THE LIAR SOCIETY:
  • Kate's voice. You hear over and over and over how important voice is to a novel. Well, wanna know what good voice looks like? Check out Kate.
  • The little details. This is what makes a good novel great. It really is the small things, like Kate demanding a full-fat frap, her nickname for her frenemy, the smell of smoke...all those tiny little details make the story that much more vivid.
  • A good mystery. You KNOW I love twists and turns and who-did-it-zomg-who-did-it!?!?!?! This book has all of that. AND MORE.
I hope the vids this week have done a lot to convince you to go out and pick up a copy! Get pink, photoshop (or dye!) your hair, and see you next week for some AWESOME SIGNED prizes! (YES! I SAID PRIZES!!!!)

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    Theresa Milstein said...

    Loved your #1 fan video. Thanks to you, Elana, and Shannon, I got the Roeckers to pinkify my hair today. I'm looking forward to reading the book.

    lisa and laura said...

    THANK YOU BETH! We adore you and can't thank you enough for your support and your eagle eyes on that early draft of our manuscript. People, this woman *knows* her

    Jessi said...

    Can't say how anxious I am to read this! It's killing me!

    And your video? LOVED!

    Elana Johnson said...

    Your reviews are always so awesome.