Saturday, May 16, 2009

Live-Blogging Writing

Today is Writing Your @$$ Off Day. I was unable to participate, and I blame the husband. He wanted to go flea market shopping...and then visit his parents....and go out to eat.

But in amidst all this drag-me-away-from-my-computer time, the Husband also set up another boys' night out. Last time I dead asleep on my laptop. So let's see how progress goes this time!

Goal: Last night, I found a major problem with the ms.--one that has put progression on the ms. on hold until I can fix this problem. I've separated the text that needs rewriting--and it's about 12k words that I've got to move from near the end to near the beginning, which will effect the way every scene written between then (about 40k words) will work out.

Start time: 9:36 pm. I am actually a bit tired--I did have to wake up at the crack of dawn 8:30 am to go to the flea market, remember. And I'm a bit intimidated by the 12k words that I've set aside to rearrange/rewrite before I can start writing again. Oh, look, shiney distracting Interwebs!

9:41. Disconnect Interwebs.

9:44. OK, really disconnect Interwebs.

10:07. Chapter One was easy--only a few sentences had to be changed. Chapter 3 is looking like a total rewrite. I've had trouble with this one before--it's a "moving" chapter, and I don't like those. Basically, I've got to get a character from one place to another, and I've got to show that movement, or the story will make no sense. I've had the character walk, ride in a rickshaw, and fly in a science fiction device to get to this place in various other revisions. Now I'm going to change the location where he ends up! (And Robyn, I'm gonna try to bring back that rickshaw...)

10:09. Nathan Fillion is on twitter? OMGOMGOMG! *spaz fest*

10:10. Right. Book. *gets back to work, despite the online presence of Captain Tightpants*

This is a shout out to MATT LEWIS!! I know you are out there! Accio, another movie! 
10:12. RIGHT. Book. *sigh*

Thank you, PRACTIKILT, for providing my wardrobe for the Late Late Show last night. Kilts are the new pants.
10:14. Curse you, Nathan Fillion, and your book-distracting hotness!!!!!!

10:16. *turns off Interwebs again*

10:30. Am optimistic about this whole thing.

10:34. Research on biometric thingummies for stupid science book.

11:00. Caffeinne break. Loves the caffeinne. Hates the world-building.

11:20. Crap! Orange Crush has no caffeinne! *switches to Mountain Dew*


12:16. Split Chapter 3 into two chapters, so progress. Also, just discovered that the character I had in a rickshaw won't work, as I want a horse pulling it, and by definition, a rickshaw is pulled by a person.

12:32. Finished with first third of the book revisions: rewrote Chapter 38 as Chapter 3, the moved original Chapter 3 to Chapter 5 (rewriting all this so it fits in the story). Am now skipping to Chapter 20, which needs more tension and focus on the main problem.

I'm not done with the ms, btw. I figure I've still got about 10k words left to write. The problem is, I can't write those last few words until I fix these other problems.

1:03 AM. Regain energy with caffeinne and pizza. Snack of champions.

1:25. Fixing Chapter 21 means going back and fixing Chapter 14. Argh. ARGH.

1:36. Chapter 14 is now too long--but I've laid the groundwork here and can cut it down in revisions. I'm not worried about perfection so much as getting the words down so I can get to the ending of this book!

1:57. And rewrote Chapter 16, because Chapter 14 changed so much. NOW I can tackle Chapter 21. Gah! Change one thing, change the whole book!!!

2:39. I'm calling it a night. That was more time than I expected to spend on this, but I did get less work down. I've got Chapter 22 almost finished, but I'm starting to struggle with simple words, and that's a sure sign I need sleep.

In the end, I started the revisions that need to happen for the rest of the book to fall into place, and I'm sure I'll finish tomorrow. I also had a great online conversation with my writing buddy Robyn, and I'm definitely set to make the corrections needed. So even if I didn't meet my goal of total rewrite/revision, I'm certainly not where I am at 9:36 tonight, when I was feeling overwhelmed and unsure!

...and, coming when I wake up...the results of the drawing for my massive book give-away!


Kate said...

I aways end up procrastinating! Good luck on finishing the work :)

Robyn Campbell said...

UG! Did we write into the night and talk into the night? *YAWNS* And here you were thinking of Nathan Fillion wearing only God and you knows what. When you were suppose to be puttin' that rickshaw back in!! It's 830 AM and I need a NAP. :)

Danyelle L. said...

Yay for progress! I feel your pain. My attention span reverts back to that of a toddler's once I begin revisions. >.<

Jennifer said...



Anyway, you got more done yesterday than I did. I think the final for me count was, what, four paragraphs? Maybe? Lol.

JES said...

LOVED this blow-by-blow account, and LOVED seeing what you got done (and was comforted, oddly, by what you didn't :)). I bet anybody who's tried the "write for hours" thing in the Age of the Interwebs will recognize themselves here!

(Seriously, yay you for doing this and accomplishing something you really needed to accomplish!)

Unknown said...

I'm jealous- it took you less than ten mins to disconnect the Interwebs when needed.

And Nathan Fillion is so hot! I never miss an episode of Castle just for him!

Unknown said...

I'm so excited that you kept track of your procrastination ... that's got to be progress of some kind : )

Stephanie Perkins said...

So funny -- this day is remarkably similar to the one I had when I discovered Nathan Fillion on Twitter ;) Except, of course, I was NOT disciplined like you, and I just thought about Nathan for the rest of the day!

Mmm. Kilts.

Samantha Elliott said...


Trisha Pearson said...

I'm totally out of it and don't know who Nathan Fillion is, but since he wears kilts, I have to find out!

Trisha Pearson said...

I think he used to be on One Life to Live. He's cute. I'm now following him. LOL