Sunday, March 1, 2009

Contest Linkspam

It's been a while since I did a good ol' fashioned linkspam. And maybe since I just did my own contest or maybe since we're all in the giving mood with spring (and tax returns) upon us, but I sure did find a lot of contest on y'alls blogs!

-Ladidadida has a great comprehensive list of many contest throughout the intarwebs. If you're in a winning mood, check there first to find contests you might have missed.

-Market my Words is holding a contest that is worth up to $1000...and all you have to do is comment!

-And speaking of marketing, the YA Blog Newsletter is giving away free blog advertisement.

-Tabitha at Writer Musings is celebrating her first year blogiversary by giving away a copy of The Spectacular Now.

-BookKids tells us about an awesome opportunity: have Marcus Zusak (of The Book Thief fame) talk to your book group!

-*sigh* I guess I'll share this one, too...Cupcake Witch is giving away an ARC of The Forest of Hands and Teeth. *iwantthatbooksodon'tentersoicanwin!!!*

-The Book Muncher is giving away a copy of Circle of Friends. There are, apparently, no zombies in this book, although I assert that it would probably be better if it did.

-Keri Mikulski is giving away books for her Yay for YA Spring give-away: E. Lockhart's FLY ON THE WALL, Meg Cabot's AVALON HIGH, Clare O'Donohue's THE LOVER'S KNOT, and Niki Burnham, Terri Clark, Ellen Hopkins, and Lynda Sandoval's BREAKING UP IS HARD TO DO. None of these, to my knowledge, feature zombies, BUT I have been longing for Avalon High, so please don't enter and ruin my chances ;)

-And while I was scouring through your blogs for posts on cool thins to win, I stumbled upon this blog, full of crafty art and photography. One of the things the artist did was give away a pair of hand-made Cinderella shoes. They look awesome, y'all. Go check them out here, as you wish you had known about this contest before it was over, and as you wish you had won.

-So, ya That's a lot of contests. And that leaves me with only one question:

Are you feeling lucky?
Well, are ya, punk?