Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ooo! Great opportunity!

Shelli posted on my SCBWI listserv about Molli Nickell's new website, on which she's offering a discount on editorial services.

Here's what I found great: a free workbook on query writing!

(And there's also some good info there on, including evaluated queries.)


Rena Jones said...

That sounds great. I might have to get a copy of that for myself. Thanks Beth.

Christina Farley said...

Thanks for the heads up! I hate queries. I really really do. They are evil. :)

Unknown said...

Rena--I sent my info in yesterday to get a copy. It looks good--and if it's free, it's worth a shot!

Christina--ME TOO!

Robyn Campbell said...

I saw that post. I tried the link and it wouldn't work for moi! Doesn't it figure? I could have myself a pity party but I won't. I'll just use your link. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Ooh, fantastic! I'm going to be sure and post this as well!