Monday, March 16, 2009

Crackin' Jokes

Let this be a lesson to all children's writers: kids love jokes. Seriously. Complicated jokes, stupid jokes, puns--all kids of all ages love 'em.

Recently I took my class to the library, and instead of researching their essay, some of the kids were cracking jokes. Those same old stupid ones that I used to tell in high school.

Kid: Come on, Mrs. Revis, tell us a joke!

Me: No, you should be working on your essay.

Kid: Just one, we'll promise to work after that!

Me:'s just...I'm not in a joking mood.

All the kids: Why?

Me: Well, you know how warm it's been lately? Well, my husband got the lawnmower out to work on it, and drained all the gas, and put the gas in a bucket by the garage. dog--remember, the big black Lab?--he went over there and drank the gas!

All the kids: Oh, no! What happened?!

Me: He jumped up and ran around the house like three times! As fast as he ever ran before! And...and then he just fell over.

All the kids: *silence*

One Kid: *whispers* Did he...die?

Me: Nah, he just ran out of gas.

Lemme tell you, all kids love jokes! And if you can nail 'em with a good new one, you win!


Rena Jones said...


Kelly H-Y said...

Oh my gosh ... that was TOO perfect! Bordering on almost cruel, but absolutely hilarious! You got them GOOD!!!!!

Traci said...

Heheheh!! Too funny! :-D I can totally see the kids really loving that.

Unknown said...

Thanks y'all. OK, full disclosure...the joke totally belongs to my dad. But I'm staking a claim in it now!

Tabitha said...

LOL!! :)

Leon1234 said...

Hey, fellow writer! How are you doing?

Davin Malasarn said...

That's great! I wish I could tell jokes. They're never funny when they come out of my mouth.

Bowman said...

It's true. Kids are generally happier and open to fun.

lotusgirl said...

LOL! That's great!

Ashley said...

Hahaha! That's hilarious!