Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What do YOU want?

I am going to have a bit of free time in the next couple of days, and thought I'd get some posts scheduled. I will have little to no internet access next week and the week after, but would like to keep posts going at least on a limited basis.

So...what kinds of things would you like me to post about? Are there any topics out there that you're particularly interested in? I'm certainly not an expert, but I'm all for doing a bit of research and digging.


Michelle D. Argyle said...

Here's one for you: A post on research for writing about a foreign place you've never been to. I rarely write about where I actually live, and I haven't traveled too much, so where do you go to do research for places you've never been? Or do you just make it all up? I like to be accurate and include lots of detail.

Bowman said...

Beth, if you post about frogs, I'll probably still read it, though I prefer receiving information about your writing goals and obstacles.

Lady Glamis, I don't know either, but I know at least one thing: making it up is dangerous.

Once I authored a book about Hawaii and wrote, "Hawaii is a desert island, surrounded by large pine trees." Having never visited Hawaii, I thought the description was reasonable, but my book hardly made #1 on the bestseller list. ;)

Vivian Mahoney said...

I'd say whatever you end up writing about would be pretty interesting to read. You craft your posts with wonderful insight and information, which I know I'm grateful for.

BTW, nice photo!

lotusgirl said...

Beth, I like to hear what you think of Magyk. We really enjoyed it around our house, but I love your book reviews. It's always nice to hear what others think on something that you are familiar with. Any other book reviews would be nice too.

Lady G. I'd avoid making things up like the plague. That only works if the location is made up otherwise you lose credibility in more than just your knowledge of the local. Everything becomes suspect. There's always someone who's been there and knows what it's like. Travel guides and agents are a great resource. The internet is priceless for that kind of research. There are some programs like National Geographic Explorer that are good for that too, but limited by the schedule. Although I bet you could get specific ones/locals through Netflix.

Angela Ackerman said...

How about a post about the bright lights still aflame in this time of publishing layoffs closeures and imprint shut downs? Like what is still selling, what do houses/editors/agents still need and want to see, what are some publishing house strategies and selling trends that might help boost the book market, making us more resistent to the economic downturn?

I know it's a tough topic, but it would be so nice to have some good news, some hope...you know?

Tabitha said...

Well, I see that you're reading Magyk by Angie Sage. I *really* want to know what you think of it, so perhaps a book review?

Unknown said...

Thanks for the ideas, everyone! Here's hoping I can meet your (wonderfully high) expectations!!