Thursday, December 4, 2008

Black Wednesday

Wow. That came as a bit of a blindside to me--while I knew publishing was in trouble, I was a bit surprised at so much trouble (read: layoffs) at one time.

I don't know much about economics, so here's my only thoughts:
  1. That sucks.
  2. A salute and raised glass and prayer for those laid off just before Christmas.
  3. I doubt there will be a bail out plan for publishing.
  4. The best article on how to interpret and react to these events is here.
  5. Despite it all, publishing won't die, books won't fade, readers won't quit reading, and writers (especially this one) won't quit writing.
As for a solution? How about a new economic plan for all of America--the publishing industry is just one more victim of our recession. But the best advice to help the industry we love seems to be:

Go buy a book!!


Bowman said...

This is probably a good time for new and aspiring authors to follow this cliché advice: don't quit your day job.

PJ Hoover said...

I for one am keeping faith and hope!

lotusgirl said...

I'm keeping the faith too and hoping that by the time my novel's ready things will be looking up.

I really feel for those who have lost their jobs especially right before Christmas.

Christina Farley said...

Not a good time for new writers that's for sure. But I'm off to buy books for my family this year.

Unknown said...

Justus: Absolutely. Although, as a teacher and writer, I've just picked two of the most low-paying jobs ever!

PJ: I try to keep positive, too! That's the best we can hope for.

Lois: Considering how long it takes to get published, by the time we--or at least I--get there, the market will probably be entirely different!!

Christina: Me, too :) Just bought 5 books...and then 2 more for me :)

Susan: Let me know how the rest of Twilight is! I need an opinion from somoene older than 15 before I venture into those waters again.