Sunday, December 28, 2008


Oh, interwebs, I loves you. I finally have interwebs at home! No more using the school computer between cramming lit down little kiddie's brains! Whee!

So, of course, the first thing I did when we got that satellite dish tacked up on our chimney (the old one, not the one that was smoking), was to gorge myself on interwebs. I have not slept in many moons, but I have re-discovered the life-sucking entity known as YouTube.

And I found some cool stuff for the linkspam!

First: What? NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also: What? WTF? (but I must admit, if I ever became so successful that I had a perfume made out of one of my books, I would wear it daily, even if it did smell of freesia)

I am trying to find a text copy for this, but until then, you can dl it here: Neil Gaimon's "A Writer's Prayer" I like what he says about its creation:
A Writer's Prayer was written shortly before I began American Gods. I knew the first two verses when I began it, and the conclusion was there when I reached it. This is why I love writing.
Why, yes. I am behind my peers technologically. I have finally joined Facebook. I hesitated because MySpace made me feel like a pedophile--not that I am one, it's just so...uh...obviously aimed at angsty teenagers and inundated with teen porn--but Facebook is nice and not creepy.

Anyways, be my friend!


Bowman said...

Yeah, I ran away from MySpace.

Many of its advertisements pointed out that plenty of married women are waiting for me. Quite annoying.

Also, a lot of unique, young women added me (as part of some group list, no doubt) as a friend. I call them unique because most of my friends blog about more than their nude photos or amazing dieting techniques.

Try to enjoy Facebook, but be careful. It has changed a lot since I first joined. More ads, more games, etc. Less everything that made me join it in the first place.

PJ Hoover said...

MySpace is super creepy!
And nice links! Too bad about the Narnia movies.

Heather Zundel said...

Ahahahaha! That is too priceless! Twilight perfume? And it's even in an apple-shaped bottle! That just made my day (and counteracted the sadness of the Narnia news. I still have hopes though. Voyage of the Dawn Treader is my favorite book of the series).