Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Why Should YA2U...Come to You?

Yesterday, I had the thrilling fun of announcing YA2U, a fun project where me and four other authors are going to a city based on YOUR votes.

YAY! Click here for more info!
And if you followed the links yesterday, then you know all the awesome authors who are involved with the project.


And now, basically, it's all in your hands. Where we go is up to you--and your votes. And because this is based on voting--and because we want to go where we're most wanted--it's really important to us to have as many votes for YA2U as possible.

Therefore, let us know: why should we go to your hometown? You never know--we might just make a few extra stops based on your awesome reasoning (trufax: if you can promise me that Nathan Fillion will be there, I will SO go to your town no matter WHAT). To help get us started, a bunch of lovely book bloggers volunteered to let us know why we should go to their hometowns. You can check them out here--and don't forget to make your own post, too! Remember, spreading the word online (and through posters--downloadable for free) all counts as an entry to win all ten of those books, signed!

We'd also like to thank the awesome bloggers who've helped us with their support and enthusiasm. Many of them are posting about YA2U today, so check out their links and find out about their hometowns--then post about your own!

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