Thursday, January 3, 2013

Updates & News

Special thanks to Publishers Weekly for featuring some of the pre-publication promo that Penguin and I've been working on to celebrate the release of Shades of Earth!

And thank you as well to the Atlantic Wire for featuring Shades as a "YA to Watch For." I like that ominous ellipse at the end of their description ;)

And speaking of: the pre-order campaign is going well! You guys, we are so. close. to getting Across the Universe into real, actual space! I've seen pictures of the set-up, and it can really happen! If you've not pre-ordered and plan on doing so, I would really appreciate it. <3 a="a" href="">All buy links can be found here
YA2U is going strong! We hit our first thousand entries today (as of now, we're at 1200!) and we released the top ten cities currently in the running. This is one contest where the more entries you get, the better off you are. Consider printing out some flyers, or contacting your local library. Only ten votes for the same city currently gets you in the top fifty--imagine if you got an entire classroom to enter!

You should totally read this awesome post by Megan Shepherd on what inspired her to be a writer for children. 

And if, like me, you need a timewaster, try out this Chibi Maker :) Here's me in chibi form!

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