Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Additional Details

Hi everyone. First--thank you all for understanding the event cancellation I post yesterday, and for your well-wishes and prayers for my family. We all really appreciate it.

I am going to mail off some signed bookplates to the Charlottesville Barnes and Noble, and I'm hoping they get to the event in time--but just in case, you should be able to stop by the store the following week and pick some up. If you were travelling out of town for the event and can't stop by the store to pick up bookplates but one, drop me an email at

Thanks again for understanding, everyone. I'll be posting a new contest later today; I had already had it planned and set-up prior to my emergency, and I don't really see a reason not to post it now, especially as I'd like to conclude the contest before the book tour and want to give people time to enter.

Thanks again. And hug your loved ones. <3 p="">
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