Friday, January 18, 2013

Launch Party Pics

I make no qualms about it--I'm seriously one of the luckiest girls alive. I am so grateful to everyone who helped make the launch of SHADES OF EARTH a success (and yes, I am working on another giveaway to celebrate!)--including all of you.

I am also very grateful to the wonderful people who helped me with the launch party held on Tuesday. This year, I worked with the amazing Morganton Public Library and was lucky to have a bunch of writer friends with me, namely: Victoria Schwab, Alexandra Duncan, Megan Miranda, and Jessica Khoury (with a surprise appearance by Megan Shepherd!).

Obligatory serious pic.
The Morganton Library was the perfect host for us, and super awesome. Notice the purple tinsel stars in the background! And cupcakes! And purple punch! And so much more! This is all thanks to Margaret and Page, teen librarian extraordinaires, along with the library director Jim Wilson. Authors, if you're looking for a great place to do an event, you must give Morganton Library a chance.

I think we might be laughing about Alexandra's love of gourds. 
SO. MUCH. FUN. Seriously. Group events = the BEST.

Photo by Megan Shepherd

And special thanks to Lori Special, NC School Library and Media Specialist, for moderating the event! As always, she asked wonderful questions and kept us on our toes. Look how attentive we are! 

Photo by Megan Shepherd
And then after the panel of awesome, we had a signing! Which was always epically awesome as that meant I nabbed books by all these lovely authors for my very own (and/or for an upcoming giveaway, what-what!)
Photo by Megan Shepherd
But honestly? The best part was, by far, the kids! One of the reason we came to Morganton Library specifically was because Tyler (pictured below with his sister Shea) asked us to come back after the Ash to Nash tour. Nothing makes me want to do an event more than a reader who wants to see me. Hearing from Tyler is the biggest reason why we did the launch party in Morganton. Thank you!

Photo by Megan Shepherd
And there was this awesome girl, Mya, who is definitely going to be an author one day soon! Her enthusiasm was catching, and just so wonderful.

And look! In the background! There's Megan! :)
Of course, I was also super happy to share this wonderful day with my family, who has always been the most supportive.

The husband, my cousin William, and my parents :)
Thank you again, everyone who shared this day with me--in Morganton or not! I really, truly appreciate all your support and am so grateful to each and every one of you who've read my book! And just so we don't end on too sappy a note, here's what happens when the husband doesn't get the camera out of my face :)

I sometimes make this face at my computer when my manuscript isn't working like it should. 

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