Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Blog Tour Day Two: Shades of Earth & As They Slip Away!

In just one week and one day, SHADES OF EARTH is being released! Wheee!!! I fluctuate between wild excitement and extreme bouts of vomit-inducing terror, so let's pretend that we're in the excitement upswing for the moment.

I am really stoked to have this book come out, though. It sounds cheesy, but this was the first book that I really wrote for you. When I wrote the first book, it was for me--there was no book contract, no assurance anyone but me would read it. The second book was a challenge--I mean that literally. It was like a dare, where I was seeing if I could write another book my editor and agent liked.

This book, the third book, is for you. I had nothing to prove to anyone but you, my readers. This was my chance to give you something back.

And so I very much hope you like it.

Blog Tour!
Okay! Enough touchy-feely! Today is the first day of my new blog tour--and every day, there's a new chapter of the free e-novella, AS THEY SLIP AWAY. The first chapter can be found at....

Just click on them, and you can read the first chapter of the free novella, as well as enter for one of five signed sets of books--one for each day of the tour!

Book Launch Into Space!
The book launch into space is still going strong--I believe we're very close to having the whole thing actually happen, which is super exciting! Any pre-order counts. I hate harping on and on about sales, but I hope you don't mind if I just put the pre-order links here. And I promise to only do this sort of thing for the week.
And signed books are still available from Malaprops.

Book Preview!
And here's a sneak preview from SHADES OF EARTH just for you guys. Yesterday I gave you some Amy, so today have some Elder:

My hand goes to the wi-com embedded behind my left ear, and I press the button down. Instead of the usual beep, beep-beep, there’s nothing but a click as the button’s depressed and released. I frown, and push the button again, so forcefully that I wince in pain.

Shite. The wi-com network was on the ship. My fingers run over the edge of the button, a perfectly circular bump that has been a part of my body for as long as I can remember. Now useless. The frexing thing is useless. It’s implanted into my flesh, its wires creep beside my veins, and it will never work again.

Amy grabs my hand, pulls it away from the button under my skin. “You don’t need to tell them anything,” she says. “They all know what you’re about to do for them.”

I’ve never felt so disconnected from…everything. It’s one thing to know that the ship’s unreachable, but now the connection I’ve had with my people who are here is gone too.
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