Thursday, October 28, 2010

Calling All Code-Breakers, Super-Sleuths, & Tricksters!



I am. SO. Excited.

Tomorrow, I'm opening up the November Giveaway Contest. I'm excited about the prizes, which include an ARC and a one-of-a-kind special thing. But I'm more excited about the quest I'm sending you on to get the prizes.

See, in order to win, you've got to break the password on the secret page of this here website.

What, haven't you noticed the password protected page yet? You will have to look for it above...

But there is still a matter of that password.

Don't worry--over the next two weeks I'll be giving you a letter at a time (including an awesome series of adventures from people all across the world). Unscramble the letters, find the password. Find the password, find the entry form. Find the entry form, win the awesomest prize pack I've made so far.

  • The password is made up of a three word phrase (no spaces)
  • It is a very simple phrase (nothing foreign or outlandish or random)
  • The phrase is made up of real words--no numbers or anything tricky
  • The password is relevant, but not directly related to, Across the Universe
  • Two letters are repeated three times
  • If you DO figure out the password, don't tell! That gives YOU a greater chance to win!

Go ahead and try some guesses now! But don't worry--if you can't guess the password yet, you're going to get all the letters to unscramble over the course of the next two weeks.

The Line-Up:

Side note: I am so scared that you guys are going to think this is lame. Please tell me what you think of this game/contest! Personally, I think reading the adventures of everyone will be lots of fun...I hope you do, too!
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