Saturday, October 16, 2010

Adventurous and Musical Updates!

WHEW. Guys. That was one heckuva trip! I ate with ninjas and editors and agents and writers and other cool people (the food including rabbit, tentacle pasta, and crepes). I did something totally completely touristy, and it turned out hilariously awesome. And I discovered a hidden cloisters! Really!

But there is really too much for one post--so I'm going to post about that next week.

Instead, I'd like to direct your attention to this:

And remind you about the contest! Post your adventurous stories on your blog for a chance to win a signed and doodled copy of Across the Universe...and a little something-something that I picked up in NYC!

Want to check out some of the entries so far? You do. You know you do. Because YOU GUYS ARE AMAZINGLY AWESOME. And you all have had amazingly awesome adventures that put me to SHAME.
I think that's everyone! Please tell me if I was stupid and missed someone!

And still have time to enter if you haven't yet! The contest closes on October 20th--so you don't have MUCH time--but you do have time! Either post about your own adventure or spread the word about the contest, and make sure to leave your link here.

As for me...I'm going to go through and re-read all of your awesome-o adventures. Your lives are amazing. Seriously.
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