Saturday, October 9, 2010

An Adventurous Contest

I’m in New York!!!

Today I fulfilled a lifelong goal: I travelled by car, bus, train, boat, AND airplane ALL IN ONE DAY. Tomorrow, I’m going to be speaking at Comic Con (eep!) and then doing a whirlwind tour of the publishing world that I (honestly) never thought I’d have the privilege to be a part of. Never. Ever.

But I’m on an adventure! A huge one! Possibly the hugest of my life!

So, to celebrate: 

To enter, you have two options:

Option One: Write a blog (or Facebook, or series of Twitter tweets or whatever online) about your most favoritest, awesomest, coolest adventure. At the end of it, make sure to write a short sentence or two that you’re telling the world about your brilliant adventure for the contest (so I know it’s an entry) and post a link of it here in the comments.

Option Two: If you don’t want to tell the world about your awesomest adventure (because I KNOW you have one, even if you think you don’t), then you can just write a blog (or Facebook or series of tweets or whatever online) telling people to come here to find out about other people’s awesomest adventures. At the end of it, make sure to mention the contest (so I know it’s an entry) and post the link of it here in the comments.

To knock out some questions right off the bat:
  • YES it’s open internationally
  • NO you can only enter once
  • YES I think you’re super cool and am really excited to see your adventures!
Contest ends on October 20th! That gives you a week and a half to ponder your adventures and get them online.

Go forth! Tell me about your awesomest adventures! Comment here with the links! One random person who posts about their adventures or this contest will win a signed and doodled ARC.
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