Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Books I Cannot Like

I like books.

I like a lot of books.

But there are some books that I just can't like.

I think that's true of everyone. My mother can't stand anything with vampires. Nothing. Wouldn't even pick up Twilight even though I think she might actually like it. The husband doesn't like teen books. He loves zombies, and I think he'd love The Forest of Hands and Teeth if I could somehow trick him into thinking it was an adult book, not a teen one. Personally, I don't care for books about angels. Like at all. So even though there are some great angel books out there right now, you won't see one in my hand.

I'm thinking about this now because here recently, I've been reading a bunch of books that everyone says are great...but I can't get into them. It's not the writing--I can see where my friends and reviewers are coming from. The book itself is good. But it's not for me.

It fascinates me sometimes on how subjective this reading and writing thing is. When I pass out copies of books to students, I'm amazed at some of their reactions. There are some classics I don't particularly like, but feel it important to teach--and some of my kids love them. (Really? Really. I hate Gilgamesh, but some of my students remember it more than any other work, despite the fact that it's the first story I teach a semester.)

So, what about you? What kind of book do you simply not like--or what kind did you expect to not like and were pleasantly surprised by?
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