Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Book Deal Celebration!

Ohmygah you guys!

Words cannot express how awesome your outpouring of love and congratulations was is. I am seriously going to print out all of this and post it near my desk so whenever I feel blue, I can look at it and feel awesome.

(Speaking of blue, did you notice the cool blue mitts Jodi made me? That was so the icing on the cake yesterday when they arrived.)

All you cool people who subscribe to my newsletter already know this, but I know of no better way to celebrate news this awesome than through a giveaway! And I've been putting together prizes for this giveaway for ages...

First, off, there will be two winners: one prize pack for writers, one prize pack for readers. Because you are both my kind of people. You can click on any of the pictures to get a bigger view  (and sorry they're wonky and on the side...dunno why.)

-A critique of your query letter and first three chapters
-A copy of Elana Johnson's super-amazing e-book, From the Query to the Call
-A HUGE bag of chocolate-covered expresso beans from my fav coffee shop, Village Coffee (cause we all know writers need chocolate and coffee)
-A copy of the Working Writer Day Planner, full of tons of helpful info for writers
-A really pretty journal
-Flag-it Post-it Notes that you can use to highlight and mark-up your manuscript as you revise
-A Laini's Ladies (the Muse of Writing one, of course!)
-A "Rolla" style notebook--it's like a binder and notebook in one, with the ablity to add, remove, and move around pages. I thought this would be perfect for organizing editing notes, or to take to a conference
-A sekkrit surprise
-A book-shaped locket. One of the themes in my novel, Across the Universe, is that of leaving home and standing on your own two feet (hence the original title that some of you probably remember: Long Way Home). The locket is shaped like a book with a bird's nest stamped on the front, and a bird flies away from the chain. This was custom made for me by The Enchanted Locket on etsy, and you and I will be the only two people with the original design!


-A $30 gift certificate for Amazon (or other online book seller of your choice). That way you can get whatever books YOU most want to read RIGHT NOW. I've got plenty of good suggestions if you want any, though!
-A "Get Happy" tea set from the Tea Revolution: includes mug, tea, strainer, and top. I can't think of anything better than curling up with a good book and sipping hot tea. Unless, of course, there's chocolate involved. Hey...
-A package of Lindt chocolate truffles, the best chocolate in the world, imo
-A booklight
-A "booksling"--a bookmark that can also hold a pen or highlight for those days you want to read and take notes
-A fancy flower bookmark for those days you just want to read :)
-A sekkrit surprise
-A journal--hey, readers can write, too!
-A star necklace from Avon. I saw this necklace and flipped--it is full of pretty stars. As you guys know, Across the Universe is a science fiction, and stars play a pretty important role in the book.

To enter, just fill out the form below. Contest ends April 3rd. 
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