Tuesday, May 19, 2009


You know, really, we're all winners here. You, me, everyone. There's so much to find *winning* in, yanno?

Take, for example, how when Trisha mentioned she wasn't sure who Nathan Fillion was. This led me to look up more pictures of Nathan Fillion and sigh over them (making me, obvs, a winner). And then I was inspired to download a picture and post it here! Which, of course, makes YOU all winners (as you get to see not only his pretty face, but also his pretty pretty legs.)

Nathon Fillion's bare calfs ftw

Oh. You're not here about those kinds of wins, are you? You're here for the kind of win that involves me giving away books, aren't you?

You only love me for my books, don't you? *tragic sigh*

Fine, fine. You want books. I see where I stand in this relationship.

So, without further ado....

The winner of Book Group 1 is...


The winner of Book Group 2 is...


(Ladies, please contact me at bethrevis (at) gmail.com for prize info)

BTW, Aerin's win was on one of her extra points because she referred someone else (Jessica, I'm sure Aerin's really glad you came here via her blog!)--so spread the word and get more points and win like Aerin did! :)

Now, before y'all get all depressed about not winning (unless, of course, you're either Aerin or Katie, in which case you're not depressed about not winning at all), there's MORE!

Casey recently honored me with an award, and so did Ashley (for which I've been terribly late in posting)

Casey gave me these:

And Ashley gave me this one:

Now, to assuage all those who may be upset about not winning books, here is how you, too, can be a winner! Each of these blog awards are supposed to be passed on to seven people...but I'm like the little old woman who lives in a shoe with so many children she didn't know what to do--and I love all my children blog followers equally! So...the first seven people to comment on this post are WINNERS and receive any/all of the above blog awards!!

And if blog awards and books don't do it for you, there's always Nathan Fillion's bare legs :)
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