Monday, May 11, 2009

Reviewer X's Epic Giveaway

Reviewer X is having a HUGE giveaway: She's got 50 (yes, FIFTY) hardcovers of the book The Chosen One to give away.

From the review:

In thirteen-year-old Kyra’s world, a man must have three wives in order to go to heaven. In Kyra’s world, she’s got two mothers besides her own, twenty brothers and sisters, and more on the way. In Kyra’s world, modern medicine is forbidden, books are burned, and people like her fifteen-year-old sister Emily, with mental disabilities are seen as God’s pariahs.


And then Kyra’s whole world is shaken when she finds out she’s been Chosen to be her uncle’s seventh wife.

CLICK HERE TO ENTER. So simple--and such good chances to win!
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