Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sekkrit Confessions

This I do not like telling people.

I secretly like reality tv.

*hides in shame*

...but I do!

Project Runway, America's Next Top Model, Top Chef. I try to avoid them...but I always come back. (Darn you, Bravo marathons!)

What attracts me to these shows? It's not the "writing," that's for sure. It's not the "quality" (of which there is little, I admit). It's not even the brain-dead-ness of them, although I do appreciate that after a long day of work.

It's seeing people strive for their dreams.

Look, I think modeling's stupid. Really, I do. But when America's Next Top Model comes on, I find myself oddly sucked into the show. Because, even if I think their dream is stupid, I like seeing them strive for their dreams. In these kinds of shows, some people fail--and I sympathize, because I strive and fail, too. And sometimes who I want to win, doesn't--and there are good writers out there (I know, I've beta read some of them) and they aren't getting published (yet). Sometimes the contestant tries and tries and tries, and still fails...and then I look over at my pile of rejections.

But when the winner is announced, and their joy explodes on screen, I think about how it will be to get the Call.

And that's why I like reality tv.
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