Saturday, May 9, 2009

Thoughts on Seeing the New Star Trek Movie

Non-spoilery Thoughts:

-Wow. That was complicated. And crazy. Crazy like a fox.

-Spock rocks my socks.

Spoilery Thoughts (highlight to see):

-You know what's worse than being on a ship about to be eaten by a Romulan ship? Being pregnant and giving birth on a ship that's about to be eaten by a Romulan ship.

-Why does Kirk keep falling off crap? Seriously, he's like a dog on ice--whenever he jumps, he just sort of flops back over.

-I totally called the time travel plot. Not all the way, but I knew it was involved. (The Ahora thing, though, totally blind-sided me.)

-Seriously, how awesome is it that they've totally figured out a way to create a whole new series of movies that won't contradict the already decades-old established plotline? Freakin' awesome.

-Only one red shirt died? What the crap.

-Best line of the movie:
-Kirk: *sits in captain's chair*
-Spock: Get out of my chair.

-That green chick freaked me out. Even more than the chick with super-big eyes.

-Dude! Zulu with a sword = freak yeah!

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