Monday, May 25, 2009

So there's this

First things first: it's Memorial Day! And while I love the day off work and the cookouts outs and etc., there's also this: Why we celebrate memories of those in battle for us.

On a completely different topic:

There's also this: my query was posted on Ask Daphne! I sent it awhile ago and had actually forgotten about it (actually, my friend Christy found out about my query online before I did!)--I thought that mine hadn't been selected and that was that. But instead, here is Kate Testerman's take on my query--and it's mostly painless!! :) (PS: Speaking of, that same query will be going up on Evil Editor's blog sometime's third in line, I think.)

Also, there's this: I've updated the contest links on the sidebar.

ETA: OMG you guys, have you seen the pics for the Avatar movie? If you've never seen the show, GO OUT NOW AND WATCH IT. Best Nickolodeon cartoon EVAR. Umm....actually, best cartoon show EVAR. There's martial arts, and elemental-based powers, and a kick-a storyline.

Ummm....but I am a bit skeeved out that the dude from Slumdog Millionaire is playing an evil Firebender. I just don't see it.
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