Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Trends I've Seen in Revisions

  • Whenever I write "that + verb", I could have just written the participle instead. (Example: "They went to the doors that led outside" vs. "They went to the doors leading outside.")
  • Whenever I follow "So-and-so said" with a sentence, I could just cut the said and make one sentence. ("You do it," Belle said. She nodded towards Robert. --> "You do it." Belle nodded towards Robert.)
  • I can easily take out one in every four or so instances of "that" and not change anything but the word count.
  • If the sentence reads the same when I take out "just," then I should just take "just" out.
  • Whenever I write "was + a word that ends with -ing," I should just change it to that verb in imperfect tense. (Example: She was running. --> She ran.)

I know these rules, heck, I teach these rules...but for some reason, when I write, I forget them.

Revision update: Only 100 more pages to go. I might not get it all in the computer, but I will finish the paper revision before the New Year's ball drops!!!
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