Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Struggling Writer

This bit from PubRants made me feel kinda good about life in general:
All writers have felt like they’ve been kicked to the curb at some point in their career (be it trying to land an agent, accessing an editor at a publishing house, or sifting through the myriad of rejections). You are not alone and the best you can do is to keep writing because that’s what writers do. All established authors have at least one manuscript that will never see the light of day. Many have several.
Revisions are not going so well...I was knocked out for two days instead of just one, and have over a hundred pages to make up for the absence today.

And I had a pretty good idea about changing something in the end (not comfortable with that that I've got the beginning OK, I've got to go change the end). Anyway, making those changes mean making a TON, *sigh*. Off to re-write land.

I wish I had as positive an outlook on revisions as Christine has:
But once I have the bones in place I can go back and put on the skin (how's that for kind of a gross image).
Best. Analogy. Of revisions. EVAR.
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