Sunday, August 10, 2008


When writing, it helped to set myself goals and deadlines. So now that I'm revising, let's try that again:

Sunday: Re-read and make comments/minor corrections to pages 1-100
Monday: Re-read and make comments/minor correction to pages 101-220
Tuesday: Begin rewrite of pages 50-100
Wednesday: Nothing--got plans
Thursday: Rewrite pages 101-150
Friday: Complete re-write
Saturday: Final read-through; prepare for critique!

That should get me done with revisions before school starts (next Monday!). And although I'll be sending pages to my crit group, I think for the most part, I'll be setting the manuscript aside until mid-September, when I'll be attending my state's SCBWI conference. That will give me distance, but also a deadline to pick the book back up after the conference so that I can start querying in October.


Christine M said...

Those look like ambitious goals! Good luck with it all!

PJ Hoover said...

Nice goals! Are you getting a critique done at the SCBWI conference or doing a pitch or anything?
I've never tried to put dates on numbers of pages for revisions, but I totally see the benefit of doing it! Especially with the looming deadline of school starting ahead.
It looks awesome!

beth said...

Christine--it's ambitious only because I've been lazy...when I should have been editing, I've been reading other books or the Internets...or re-writing that stupid first chapter. If I'd been more focused before, I might actually have something done by now!

PJ--I am getting a critique (yay!) but it's only for the first 10 pages...and in my case, I'm getting crit'd on my query letter, so only 9 pages of the ms. There is a pitch session, and I'm going to try that out, too.