Monday, August 18, 2008

Plot vs. Story

This is a debate I've never heard of: plot vs. story. Sherwood Smith has a great post on her blog that details the difference. What I'm going to talk about, though, is her t-shirt.
During the three days a year it's cool enough hear to wear long sleeves, I have a beloved Writing says [on the back], Plot is a literary convention;story is a force of nature And it's signed by Teresa Nielsen Hayden. [ETA: For sale right here.]
I think that one sentence sums it up. Anyone can have a plot, just like anyone can have a metaphor or a simile or alliteration. It's just a literary convention: if you know what it is, you can recreate it. Story, however is more. If you have a series of events, you have a plot. But to have a story, then you actually have to be good.
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