Monday, August 25, 2008

The Positive Spin

I wasn't going to blog today. Today was the first day of school with kids, and I'm exhausted. Everything went wrong. Staples ate paper. Kids were lost. Faculty meeting was long. A projector blew up. Rain. Lots of a rain. Just a crummy day in general.

Then I come home...and the crummy day continues. Had a rejection waiting for me. Burned supper...and nearly burned the house down when I forgot to turn off the stove eye. The TV show I watch was a re-run...and a bad one, at that.

I'm way behind on critiques for my groups, so I sat down for two hours to work on them. The whole time, I'm thinking I'm not going to blog today. I have nothing positive to say. This day just sucks.

Then I finished with my critiques. And somewhere in reading my friends' works, and blogging on my crit group site about their work, and submitting my new book to one of the groups, and, in general, just immersing myself in the writing world (even though I wasn't writing for myself) made me feel calm and happy and that life isn't worthless and this writing thing is pretty cool. Just doing something with writing makes a bad day good...and makes me know that even when it sucks, this is still what I want to do.
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