Friday, December 21, 2012

Upcoming Events & More

I just sent a newsletter to everyone on the mailing list with this info, and realized as I was working on it that it was, by far, the most newsy newsletter I'd ever done, so I should probably put it here, too :)
Portrait of Amy, made by Corinne Duyvis, who is BRILLIANT. Her eyes, y'all. Look at them green eyes. 
Penguin's doing this thing, see. Where, if SHADES OF EARTH gets enough pre-orders, they're going to send my books into space. You can find full details here (and see me be awkward here).

And to encourage you to pre-order books, I'm giving away free bookplates and bookmarks. There's about 20 left, if you're still interested. Full deets.

ANY pre-order counts including from any online retailer, your local bookstore, or mylocal bookstore, which ships signed books.
If you're worried about having forgotten everything that's happened in ACROSS THE UNIVERSE and A MILLION SUNS, the good people over at AtUFacts are running recaps--the first book's in the archives, and the recaps for AMS are happening right now. Get it all here.

The Breathless Reads Tour Dates have been announced! You can find them all here. I'm at all the East Coast stops which (so far) include:

To see a picture of what book tours mean to me, click here.

I've got several events lined up to celebrate the last launch--hope you can make one!
  • Jan. 15th, 4-7pm, Morganton, NC, at the Morganton Public Library, King Street: Book launch and author panel with Victoria Schwab, Alexandra Duncan, Megan Miranda, and Jessica Khoury. Full details here. 
  • Jan. 25, 6pm, Charlottesville, VA, Barnes & Noble: Book signing with Jodi Meadows, Victoria Schwab, and Ellen Oh. Full details here.
  • Feb. 2, 7pm, Asheville, NC, Malaprops Bookstore: Book signing with Victoria Schwab, Lenore Appelhans, and Megan Shepherd. Full details here.
The Ultimate Fan contest ends tonight at midnight, and I should have a winner posted here over the weekend. But never fear! Next is a blog tour that will have a prize for everyone involved--and a BIG prize for at least five people! Also, I'm going to be announcing something new...and big..and special...SOON! I can't say more than that you should absolutely check back here in the new year :)

And if you want a contest for RIGHT NOW, check out the girls at Secret of the Stars!


Amber said...

Yay! You are coming to Miami! I am so going.

Jessica @ The Psychotic Nerd said...

Nobody ever comes to Kansas...
Although it's quite understandable WHY!
I can't wait to get out of here -___-

Kristina said...

STill no Seattle, tears :'(

Kate said...

Looks like you're going to be busy!

barmybex said...

So awesome, really wish you could come to the UK. I would love to meet you!!!

Just to let you know. I am running a promotion on my blog called 'Top 12 of 2012' starting on 1st Jan and I have picked you as one of my favourite authors of 2012. My post about you will go up on 12th January. Hope you like it.

Keep up the awesomeness. :D

Julia K said...

Darn, no one ever comes anywhere near Wisconsin, unless they're in Chicago. And even that's almost a three hour drive from where I live. I swear, the first author that comes somewhere feasibly close to me (like, Milwaukee would be excellent) gets a giant basket of cheese, brats, and sausage or something.

Bethany said...

So sad :( The NC breathless tour is only an hour or two away from where I live. I was excited until I realized it was on a Monday. Mondays ruin everything.
Maybe next time it'll work out :)

Meg said...

If you run out of this round of book plates, have you thought of doing more bookplates if people would send you a self addressed stamped envelope?