Thursday, December 20, 2012

Pre-Order for the Holidays, get Free Stuff


Okay, so here's the deal. Penguin's doing this launch thing (*snicker* launch) where, if we get enough pre-orders, they're going to launch my books literally into space. For more details, see the last post. 

And I got to thinking: it's near the holidays. Maybe someone wants to give books as a gift. That's cool. But a pre-order is a pretty crappy gift--there's nothing to open. 

SO. Here's the deal. If you pre-order SHADES OF EARTH as a gift for someone (or for yourself!) fill in the form below--and I will mail off a signed bookmark and a signed bookplate. It's so close to Christmas that it might not make it under the tree, but I don't have a time travel machine yet. I will, however, mail them off as soon as I can after I get the addresses. 

I'm really, really sorry, but funds are tight right now, so I can only do this for North American addresses please. I know. That blows. And I'll put a limit of a hundred of these for right now--if there's a huge demand for more than a hundred, I'll have to re-assess my supplies. 

So! Want a signed bookmark & bookplate for a pre-ordered SHADES OF EARTH? Fill this out:

That's it! Totally free, totally for you, as a thank you for pre-ordering! 
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