Friday, June 10, 2011

Which Faction Are You?

Yesterday we posted our Bookanista celebration video for Veronica Roth in which the Bookanistas all posted which faction they think they belong in. By and far, most of my fellow Bookanistas are Dauntless (brave)...but I definitely don't think I qualify for that. I'm more likely to be Candor (truthful).

If you've not read DIVERGENT yet (and honestly, why not?) there are, essentially, faction which encompass certain human qualities. The main character, Tris, is a divergent--she is strong in two or more factions.

If you've read DIVERGENT, which faction do you think you belong to? If you've not read DIVERGENT (and, actually, even if you have) you can play this interactive game to determine which faction you're most likely to be in. 

So let me know: what's your strongest faction?

  • Abnegation (selflessness)
  • Dauntless (bravery)
  • Erudite (intelligence)
  • Amity (peacefulness)
  • Candor (honesty)


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Krispy said...

Since I'm always sorted into Ravenclaw, I'm going with Erudite. I just don't think I'm as INTENSE as some of those people. What I'd like is to bring some of that chill Amity vibe to the Erudite table. :P

Also, I definitely wouldn't cut it in Dauntless. That is WAY too intense.

Loretta said...

I want to say Dauntless but I could not handle their initiations. So I choose Amity!!! Even though we did not learn much about that faction in Divergent

Victoria said...

I would love to say Dauntless, but honestly I would probably be Amity. I try to avoid conlict at all costs, which is probably oppisite of Dauntless.

Trisha said...

Well, i don't claim to be a genius but I'd say Erudite was my faction. Though I haven't read the book *hides from tomatoes* so can't comment on that aspect ;)

Jennifer A said...

Amity- the peaceful

This is totally me. I am truthful, but i hate to hurt people's feelings, so I tell little white lies sometimes. I could never be dauntless. That's terrifying!

Anonymous said...

I would have chosen Erudite, but I took the online quiz and got Dauntless! It must have been because I chose the knife...

aspa said...

The test told me I am Amity, but I highly doubt it. Since I've read 15 books this year already, I'd choose Erudite.

My Life With Books - Jennifer K Jovus said...

Wow, I took the quiz and I am Dauntless. Is that always a good thing? I don't know - but now I really want to read Divergant.


Krazzyme(Young Readers) said...

Amity :D

Young Readers

Julia @ That Hapa Chick said...

If I were to be only one then I would be Dauntless, but honestly I think I would be a Divergent like Tris. We're very similar. :)

Jasmine Cervik said...

The quiz told me I'm Dauntless! Woo hoo! :) I absolutely love this book. I need to re-read it ASAP!

Aurora Smith said...

Amity I think

Jess (The Cozy Reader) said...

I initially picked Candor but decided to take the quiz and that's exactly what I got. :) I couldn't pick the knife because of what happens in the book....

Ciara Glynn said...

I got Dauntless.
I like to think that, in that situation, a bold, brave part of me would be awoken and I would become strong, brave and fierce.
But there's no way of knowing what would be going on in my head unless I was actually there, so I guess I'll never know.

Sierra said...

I'm sixteen, female, and if I was in a room and someone yelled at me to pick an item I would pick the knife. I'm sure id be in dauntless. Jumping from rooftops and zip lining a hundred feet are things I would kill to do(only if I were a character in Divergent, of course.) I love the way you told the story and I can totally connect to Tris. I am dying for the next book and I thank you with all my heart for writing it. :) out of all the books I've read I believe your story is the best to get sucked into. I wanted more of couse since I finished it in less than a day because it was that good. I can only praise your book as the best dystopian novel I've ever read. So thank you for writing it :)

Claire Dawn said...

I got Amity on the quiz, and in spirit I am. I'm wild and daring like a dauntless though. The factions in the book are obsessed to the point of scary- I wouldn't really want to be a part of any of them.

Duncakat said...

I would love to say Dauntless but I would probably choose Amity because I tend to get uncomfortable in pressured situations

Anonymous said...

I took the quiz and it said i'd be dauntless. . . however i think i'd either be erudite or amity. unlike some people, i actually like school and go to borders to read all the time. i read at least two new books a week. therefore i'd say erudite. however, i can't do conflict at all. i hate being in that situation, so amity. that and i wouldn't fit into dauntless at all. . . but also amity because i wouldn't be like the erudite cuz i wouldn't be able to do what the erudite do in divergent.

Myrto said...

For some reason I can't play the interactive game, I press start and nothing happens. Anyway, I'm between Erudite and Amity. I don't know what I would choose in the end. If I go by what each faction blames then I'd choose Amity.

miss. dauntless said...

i would either be dauntless or erudite

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Anonymous said...

I think I'd be Divergent myself. I hate conflict but I also love knowledge and read on average 2-3 books per week. I think I am also fairly selfless, but if I had to pick I think Amity or Erudite are stronger, since I'm always sorted into Ravenclaw and occasionally hufflepuff.

I love your books, by the way.