Thursday, April 30, 2009


***Pure Housekeeping Details Follow. If you're here for something fun and entertaining, feel free to skip over this to something else***

In my Google Reader:

Over 250 blog posts.

I am reading them all! But only commenting when I actually have an opinion/something worthy to say. So if I don't comment on your blog, please don't think I love you less. My mind is simply mush.

ALSO: I am going to be revising my link lists soon. Here is the list of blogs that I follow. If I comment on your blog, no worries, I follow you. But if for some reason I happened to miss you (and I'm sure I've missed some, because in the recent rush of new followers, I know I've not caught up on clicking links), and would like me to check out your blog/add it to my list/share some linky-love....then please, add a link here! One of my weekend goals is to clean up my Reader and links list.


Kelly H-Y said...

Yikes ... 250?! Crazy! Good luck!

Danyelle L. said...

*offers cookies and hot chocolate*

Unknown said...

Smile : ) And 250 ... that's intense! I feel privileged to have gotten the comments I have from you : ) : ) : )

Christina Farley said...

You are crazy! But don't worry, I'm eating some chocolate for you. Moral support and all.

Unknown said...

LOL--It's only 250 because I didn't read it for over half the week...I usually only read about 80 posts a day :)