Sunday, April 19, 2009


Jill Corcoran, agent, has started a blog! I love agent blogs, and this one's going on my list of must-reads.

Angela Cerrito posted about the Katherine Paterson prize for YA/MG.

Reviewer X is giving away a copy of Silver Phoenix!

Look at a breakdown of a NYC Bestselling Author's royalty statement. I'm so glad Lynn Viehl was willing to share her experience with us. It gives us pre-pubbed authors a glance at what royalty statements really mean.

Click here to find out what's been inspiring me all this week. Susan Boyle is a quirky Scottish lady who wants to be a singer. She got onto a British TV show called Britain's Got Talent (similar to American Idol). Everyone was laughing at her from the moment she walked on stage. She looked like a sad, single, cat-lady who shouldn't dream past the church choir. But when she opened her mouth to Which reminds me--no matter how much I don't think I should be a writer, or how little faith I have in my chances...I should still try. Maybe I can have an auditorium of screaming fans like that, too.

You know you want an afghan. Why not buy one from my super-talented mother-in-law?

Christina Farley gave me a blog award! :)

The Lemonade Stand Award is awarded for great Gratitude and /or Attitude.

In return, I'd like to nominate:
That's not the required ten people that I'm supposed to nominate, but those extra spots...I'm reserving them for...YOU. (Seriously. I know some people don't like/care about blog awards, and some people really do. If you want an award, then please, feel free to grab it from here and it's yours! I particularly think any of my blog readers deserve an award :))

Last, but not least... Tomorrow, I am going to be interviewed by the fabulous Robyn of Putting Pen to be sure to check it out!


Jennifer said...

Woohoo, linkspam! And uber-woohoo, blog awards! Thanks so muchI'll be sure to post it as soon as I get a chance. And I'll be sure to check out that interview. :)

Robyn Campbell said...

AW, thanks! I needed that. I'll post it Tuesday after yet another trip to Chapel Hill tomorrow. :)
Oh and about the poor turkey...that you two, now have sitting in your freezer. I didn't know my critiquing partner could butcher things. Hmmm, wonder what other talents she has! :)

Traci said...

Thanks man!!!! (((hugs))) It made my day! ;-)

PurpleClover said...

Thanks for the links! I added the new agent blog to my blogs to follow!

Reverie said...

awww thanks!!! :) me happy today!! ur so sweeet and I lvoe ur blog keep it up!!!

Rebecca L Sutton said...

Ohhh thank you SO much Beth! I'm honored. My first blog award - I'm thrilled!

PJ Hoover said...

I'm looking forward to your interview! How fun!

Davin Malasarn said...

Thanks a lot for this, Beth!