Monday, October 20, 2008


First of all: a contest for a free copy of Moonstone! Go, enter, win!

Lisa Shearin just read my mind and posted her own blog entry about first drafts and revisions.
But mainly my problem is that I'm still working out the guts of the story while I'm writing it. I know the beginning, some scenes scattered throughout the book, and I know the ending. The trick is to come up with the story to link all of those together. The key there is come up with the story. Get it right the first time, and I've got relatively smooth sailing. But if I take a wrong turn, I lose valuable writing time trying to get myself back on the right track.
This article is so good, that it may merit a full post later.

Publishers Weekly critic and YA writer Gwenda Bond...[says], "Fantasy and SF aren't starting from the disadvantage of being segregated, and the publishers aren't desperately trying to keep the fantasy titles from brushing up against the mainstream stuff. Fantasy is, arguably, the mainstream in YA. It's a much more equal playing field."

[Scott Westerfield says,] "...A fantasy where a protagonist has to save the world is fundamentally more believable to a teen. Adults don't think they can save the world anymore, and they rarely feel their setbacks as acutely."
Do you know PJ? If not, go find out about her--and then buy her book! Tabitha's got an interview on her today, and you'll see mine up tomorrow.

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Thanks for the mention, Beth! And I, for one, am looking forward to the interview tomorrow and tomorrow in general!