Thursday, October 2, 2008


Courtesy of kt literary, this comic which explains the inverse relationship of made-up words to good writing.

Galley Cat's article on YA and the future of publishing
...sites like these two give us hope that the naysayers have simply lost touch with an audience (a bunch of audiences, really) that still exists and will continue to exist... and that the future of publishing will be led by those who are able to bring that audience together.
Scroll down for an agent's timely advice on revisions:
Everyone is frightened of revision, deep down. Because it means pulling up everything you’ve carefully put together thus far and opening it up once again to the cold and dispassionate light of analysis, rigour and logic.

[On the writing profession] It is craft. It is art. It is music. It is philosophy and psychology. It is structure, It is all things creative and analytical, all rolled into one form. It is well worth learning in any way you possibly can...


PJ Hoover said...

Great articles and cute doggie and stickers in the previous post!

Unknown said...

I loves my doggie! Thanks :)