Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Weekend of Words

Saturday. Oh, Saturday. I did housework instead of write. That's the level we're at.

12% done!


10:30: Overslept. Missed church. Oops.

12:30: Still in pajamas. But laptop is open. That's a good sign, right?

12:41: I should exchange this caffeine-free Sprite for a coffee. 

12:47: When I get the umption to move again, I'm putting three peppermints into the bottom of a cup and making hot cho-coffee. Am considering adding marshmallows. 

12:48: At this point in the morning, I've spent more time thinking about what to put in my coffee cup than what to put in my book.

1:30: Coffee acquired.

2:04: Spent more than an hour looking at the art of this artist. Love practically everything she's done. Also: ordered three t-shirts (one for me, two for Christmas presents). Also: still haven't written anything. 

2:54: Relocate to office. If I want to serious work, I need to get off the couch and do the serious work. PS, I am still in my pajamas.

4:33: Some words written:

15% done!

Personal goal: 20% by the end of the day. That leaves. Er. About 25% to do each on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday...

5:03: Added another 1%, then talked to the husband about current status. Realize that pretty much all the work I've done today...has to be scrapped. It doesn't fit logically within the story. So, back to...

12% done!

5:53: Hrm. Not sure if I like this direction, either. Seems very talky-talky as I try to explain the point I'm trying to make...

24% done!

6:08: The problem is, I'm going to have to cut about 500-1000 words of that--I've essentially written the same scene two different ways, and can't decide which way is better...

6:25: Tweaking to combine the two scenes, but I'm still going to have to cut some. I think I'll wait and see which scene works better after supper...
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