Monday, October 10, 2011

October Giveaway: Passwords and Secrets, oh my!

Last Friday I mentioned that the password to my secret page has changed. Don't know where the secret page is? Look closely...

Found the page? Then you'll notice that it's password protected. And behind that password? Is the entry form to the October Giveaway.

Want to know what prizes lie behind that password protected page?

What is all that awesome? A signed poster of Across the Universe. A signed, advanced reader copy of A Million Suns. A limited edition Across the Universe water bottle. A package of astronaut ice cream. And a box of "Out of this World" goodies from the awesome soap store, Lush.

Entry to the contest is easy: all you have to do is fill out the form. But the form? Is behind that password protected page.

Now today I'm going to give you some clues, and if you're super clever, you might just figure out the password. But if you don't know the password, don't worry! By the end of the week all will be revealed!

Here are your clues:

  • The password is three words long (no spaces)
  • The middle word is "the"
  • The password is a well known, common phrase every child would know (at least in America; not sure how popular it is in other countries)
  • The password comes from something hugely significant in A Million Suns, particularly significant to Elder
Feel free to try your guesses now--the page is up and the form is waiting for you to fill it out and enter for the big prize above! And if you don't get it, don't worry. More clues (and perhaps even the password itself) will be revealed...SOON! 
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