Friday, October 21, 2011

Challenges & a Winner

So, this week was the week of Crazy Challenges. And while my challenge to myself WAS crazy (15k in a week!) I am so so so certain that I would never have written that many words if (a) Steph hadn't challenged me to it and (b) you guys hadn't cheered both of us on. After meeting with Steph yesterday, we decided to randomly select one person who had cheered us on--either in our blog comments, Twitter, or any other way--and send them a copy of both of our books. Sorry it took so long--there were a LOT of supporters out there!

And, for the record, I totally disqualified Kiersten White. She plays dirty.

(Please ignore the fact that I played dirty, too.)

(And that I started it.)

(And that she was playing dirty against us both, actually. An equal-opportunity-dirty-player.)

(Yeah. Ignore all that.)

So, without further ado...the winner of the random-selected cheerleader surprise contest is....

Charlee Vale 

*throws confetti* Congrats Charlee! Send me your address and we'll get the books out to you!

And now for the challenge...

See, I really want to finish Book 3 ASAP, in part because I have a shiny new idea I want to work on, in part because I want to finish it before it gets too close to the holidays, in part because I want to give my critique readers time to, you know, critique. And read. And in part because I really work well under deadlines and pressures. And because I'm insane.


I'd like to really push through with Book 3. I know pretty much how everything goes, and what's slowing me down isn't so much that I'm stuck, but that I'm being lazy.


I am challenging myself to another crazy deadline. A lot of words. In one week. From Thursday to Thursday. I'm meeting Steph again, and she knows my crazy deadline, and if I fail it, then the result = I have to pay for all her coffee next week.


So...I am also making you guys a promise. If I do not make my crazy deadline (it's so crazy I'm not even going to tell you how many words--it's a lot)...anyway, if I don't make my crazy deadline, I am going to give away a signed copy of the ACROSS THE UNIVERSE paperback (plus all the swag that'll fit in the box) to one random person who comments on my blog at any point in time between last Thursday and next Thursday (deadline day). 

And everyday, I'm going to post a percentage meter of how much of the crazy deadline I've done for that day. 

I figure between buying coffee and sending out books, my pocketbook (and my husband) will MAKE me stick to this crazy deadline.

Also, the possibility of public humiliation when if  I have to admit that I failed to you guys.

SO! The CHALLENGE! It is afoot! 

And today's update so far....

1% done!

(PS: the winner of the October Password Contest will be revealed October 24th. If you're still struggled to figure out the password, you can get the answer on the Facebook Page, or, if you can't get there, you can consider this clue: What do you do with a leader?)
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